21 November 2019

«Sloboda» mayonnaise – winner of the award «Product of the year 2019»

21 November 2019, Moscow, Russia – «Sloboda» brand produced by EFKO Group – one of the largest Russian food products producers for the 12 time became a winner of the national award «Product of the year 2019» in the category «Mayonnaise».

товар года 2019.jpgThe award is given to the most popular mass consumption goods in Russia. The award «Product of the year», organized by Moscow International Business Association with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF, is an independent rating of the most purchased in the country goods and unique brands.

For over 15 years the award has determined the best goods of the customer demand represented at the market in over 50 categories. Consumption is analized on the base of the research. 34 ths Russians from 60 cities with the popularity over 100 ths residents are interviewed annualy for this research. Leading companies – DSM Group and RCB&B – became partners of the award.

«Sloboda» brand is a leading brand of EFKO Group that has already won hearts of consumers not only in Russia but also in 20 countries of the world. Under this brand the company produced high quality sunflower oils, mayonnaises and souces, ketchups, yougurts and dairy products.

This year «Sloboda» brand for the 12 time became a winner of the national award «Product of the year» in the category «Mayonnaise».

«Provansal», «Olivkovy», «Streletsky», «Smetany», «Postny», «With lemon juice», «With quail eggs»: these mayonnaises are known and beloved by million of Russians. They are made only with natural ingredients that are carefully controlled at all production stages by the patented system «Organic-Control».

«Sloboda» brand is in the register «Eco-friendly products», a laureate of the award «100 best product of Russia» and famous independent contest «Kontrolnaya zakupka». Furthermore, EFKO OJSC production area received the RF Government Award.

«EFKO Group will always use innovative solutions and pay special attention to the tendencies of the demand creating tasty useful products and keeping love of consumers», - Evgeny Shulepov, director of the brand division of EFKO Group, noted.

Victory of «Sloboda» brand in the category «Mayonnaise» gives EFKO company the right to use the symbol of the award «Product of the year 2019» - a five-pointed golden star on the package of its products as a sign of its exceptional quality.

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