24 December 2019

EFKO Group and Yandex created a new script for Alice and will produce a common show

24 December 2019, Russia – EFKO Group together with Yandex announce the start of a new project at the interface of the two industries: FMCG and IT. The project will be realized in two stages: a native script «grocery list» in the Alice voice service in December 2019 and an exclusive video show in February 2020.

2.jpgThe «grocery list» joined the «family» of the native scripts for Alice such as «Tell the story», «What is the weather like today» etc. The new script fundamentally changes the approach to maintanence of the grocery list helping not to forget anything and choose the products based on expert recommendations.

The service is managed by the voice and works following several commands. Remembering necessary product at any moment the user ask Alice to add it in the grocery list. Alice memorizes all goods and shows the final list in the shop. The user buys everything that is necessary and with the voice delete other goods from the list. Several people can use the service at the same time, for example, members of the family – if their devices are connected by the same account in Yandex, the goods will be remembered in the common list.

Apart from the maintance of the grocery list the script also includes lifehack to choose some categories of products, for example, how to identify E-additives, hiding under inoffensive names, or how to find ketchup at the shelf that contains the large amount of tomatoes. EFKO technologists made recommendations on the base of requirements of the GOST and researches of Roskachestvo.

«When we plan to do the shopping, the list of necessary products is constantly widened – we can remember something on the approach to the supermarket. Alice is a very comfortable interface to update this grocery list. At home you can ask Alice to add, for example, toothpaste to the glocery list as soon as you’re out of it, and on the way to the shop you can remember that you’re also out of sunflower oil and ask Alice in your moble to add it in the glocery list as well», - Daniil Kolesnikov, chief of the marketing of Alice, tells.

The idea of the commin project appeared at the annual conference YaC-2018. Then Yandex represented several successful cases of interaction between the voice service and leading brands (Megafon, Papa Johns, Headhunter), setting a target pace for the digital industry in the near future.

«We thank Yandex for supporting of the project that aims at making life easier and simplier to everybody who is familiar with the problem of grocery list maintenance. There is always a lack of time and attention. And for us creation of something that can help to safe them is our challenge and care for everyone who goes shopping. Alice transforms behavioural customs, we are moving to the voice. However an established habit to ask out loud is still being developed. And here it’s important to explain, train, show all opportunities even those that are not at the surface. Therefore we together with Yandex start a large-scale content project – a video show with Russian celebrities dedicated to the «Grocery list», - Sergey Ivanov, chief operating officer of EFKO Group, notes.

The show will be on the air in February 2020. Leading Russian retailer in FMCG sector will also be a partner in creation of the show. The parties joined the project on an equal footing: EFKO Group is in charge of content production while Alice coordinates its media promotion.

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