28 April 2020

Seminars of EFKO company now are available online

28 April 2020, Alexeevka, Russia – EFKO Group held a webinar «Vegetable fats: from raw materials to food ingredients».

вебинар 1.jpgWhy are vegetable oils healthy? How and why are they used in food products production? Specialists of the Group gave lectures to technologists of the leading Russian and foreign enterprises. Students of technological universities also had an opportunity to join the webinar.

Within the hour online conference, the speakers considered modern knowledge about vegetable fats: history, production technologies, quality and safety, issues of legislation and cases of medicine for their application.

Among the speakers of the seminar there were Viktor Kapranchikov and Alexey Shestopalov. Viktor Kapranchikov is a candidate of biological science, since 2014 he has been a Head of the Department of Technological Support of Sales of Specialized Fats for diary sector of EFKO Group. Alexey Shestopalov is a technologist with many years of experience. On the air they answered the questions of the viewers, shared useful videomaterials, links and guides.

«In the current complicated situation it is necessary to consolidate efforts. We are in the beginning of the food chain – we provide raw materials for final food products and this places a special responsibility on us, - director of the Fat&Oil Division of EFKO Group Oleg Harlanov, commented. – Now it is extremely important to keep in touch with colleagues, share experience with young technologists. Our partners know that we traditionally organize a series of seminars and conferences. Under quarantine there is no possibilities for that – we had to postope all our events, therefore we chose an online formate. Feedback, that our first webinar has got, shows that knowledge-sharing is necessary in the regime of isolation».

The Group plans to start a cycle of webinars to share with partners valuable experience and knowledge that can be useful in further work. To be aware of the next webinars, follow updates on the website of the Fat&Oil Division www.efko-ingredients.ru and in social networks of the company www.facebook.com/efkocompany.

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