22 June 2020

EFKO Cosmetic almost doubled sales volume

22 June 2020, Voronezh region, Russia – In contrast to the same period of the last year the scope of EFKO Cosmetic company’s sales (a part of EFKO Group) grew up by 40%.

By the end of the first half of 2020 soap products sales volume grew up in contrast to the same period of the last year from 9 to 12,9 thous tn in physical terms. EFKO Cosmetic has worked with existing clients and actively expands the customer base.

In general, by the end of the last year EFKO Cosmetic produced over 24 thous tn of soap products surpassing the same index of 2017 twice. Proceeds from the sales amounted to 1,2 bln rubles.

EFKO Cosmetic is a high-tech complex producing household chemicals. In 2018 the company launched a workshop of continuous saponification that became one of the most significant invesments into the interprise. In contrast to the boiler method of soap making, which was used previously and is still used by many Russian enterprises, application of the new line lets EFKO Cosmetic receive products of a stable high quality and decreases production process time by ten folds.

This year EFKO Cosmetic continues to invest into the production assets, it is planned to purchase equipment for pre-packing and packaging of toilet soap. According to experts of the company, this initiative is supposed to result in growing of products volume by 40%.

Products of the company are represented in federal and local trade networks all over Russia. EFKO Cosmetic is actively developing export. Over 40% of all products of the company is exported to the markets of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Afganistan and Uzbekistan.

EFKO Cosmetic products are made with the use of the newest European equipment under the control of scientists of Innovation Center «Biruch-NT». Today there are 300 employees at the enterprise.

All soaps are made on the base of vegetable fats. To date, the assortment line of EFKO personal hygiene products includes over 120 SKU aimed at different target audiences. EFKO Voronezh plant produces two of four baby soap brands that got State Quality marks.

«During the pandemic it was necessary to restructure the production urgently for bar and liquid antibacterial soap. Although volume of antibacterial items production has tripled, special attention was also paid to brand items: Magic Drive toilet soap with antibacterial effect and a new line of Ultra-C bar toilet and liquid antibacterial soap. We managed to purchase antibacterial components for these products such as natural and very effective tea tree essential oil. Despite all difficulties in recipe developing we achieved high antibacterial effectiveness and product safety. I can say for sure that our business has successfully stood the test called coronavirus. At the moment, we are considering projects to extent EFKO Cosmetic assortment line and develop the enterprise in general. High quality of our products lets us maintain confidence in the future. We are sure that under quarantine and postquarantine measures the demand for quality soap products will even grow», - Oxana Degtyareva, director of product sales development of EFKO Group, told.

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