23 June 2020

EFKO Group extends the assortment line of Sloboda fat-free drinking yogurts

23 June 2020, Russia – EFKO Group, one of the largest Russian food products producers announces two novelties: now tasty and healthy Sloboda fat-free yogurts with pineapple and coffee, orange and goji berries will be available for consumers.

Taking into consideration desires and preferencies of consumers in our country and continuing to develop healthy products category, EFKO Group designed two new tastes of fat-free drinking yogurts.

Sloboda fat-free yogurt with pineapple and coffee is a dual benefit for the organism. Rich pineapple contains a «thin ensyme» bromeline that activates proteins and fats splitting, improves digestion, reinforces gastric juice. Aromatic coffee is a natural product rich in B vitamins.

A unique mixture in Sloboda yogurt – orange and goji berries will be pleased to those who are ready to discover something new and unusual every day. Vivid berries and tart orange – care for beauty and health has never been so tasty.

All Sloboda yogurts are made of high quality milk from EFKO company’s own farms with addition of mixture of exotic fruit and berries as well as yogurt cultures and Lactobacillus casei that improve immunity and normalize bowel movements. Sloboda fat-free yogurts are light and pleasunt snacks without calories. The first batches of Sloboda novelties have already been unloaded to the distributers and will appear in trade networks soon.

Since the removal of quarantine restrictions the topic on weight loss has become very popular among social media users. However, experts recommend to correct the diet step by step paying more attention to dairy products that contain probiotics and bifidobacteria recovering microflora.

For example, according to analysts, yogurts is one of the most dynamic in terms of novelties categories both in Russia and all over the world. On European market today there are sugar-free natural yogurts, superfood lines, portion snacks and functional milk drinks controlling caloric value.

«One of the most popular trends today is a focus on conscious nutrition. For many people it is more than just a diet – this is way of life. In the company we always try to find «our consumer», study his desires and values, it is important that our product was not only healthy but also tasty. Completing Sloboda fat-free yogurts line with unusual combinations we share the focus on healthy diet with consumers and believe that true yogurt lovers will appreciate them», - Evgeny Shulepov, director of branded products division, comments.

EFKO Group plans further extension of yogurts assortment line and milk and dairy products assortment line.

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