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EFKO took part in the New Dairy Technologies and Equipment for Success in WTO research conference held in Adler on 18–20 September 2012. Alyona Konoplyova, EFKO's leading manager, presented technical specifications of the phytosterol-enriched spread. Besides, the Company organized taste sampling of spreads based on EFKO milk fat substitutes.
EFKO took part in the 8th Bread and Confectionery international exhibition held in Minsk on 11–14 September 2012. The Company produces high-quality specialized fats and margarines for Belarus confectioneries and bakeries and keep on expanding a range of these products.
Following the first half of 2011, EFKO Group again increased its sales and proved high quality of its industrial fats, vegetable oils and mayonnaises with a number of prestigious awards and prizes.
On 3 September 2012, EFKO organized the Knowledge Day Celebration at the Kristall Rehabilitation Centre.