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4 July 2019, Moscow, Russia – Sunflower oil and vegetable cream «Violio» produced by EFKO Group – one of the largest Russian food products producers, became winners of the VI international award «Innovation product 2019».
18 June 2019, Belgorod region, Russia – President of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Sergeev visited EFKO Group’s research center in Belgorod region and held a working meeting on creation of a scientific and educational center in the region that will deal with innovations in agriculture.
10 June 2019, Anapa, Taman seaport – Right after employees form confectionary and baking enterprises, representatives of the leading companies of dairy sector from Russia and Kazakhstan visited new facilities of the plant «Food Ingredients» LLC. The excursion to the production area of EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market, took place within a seminar organized by the company for its partners.
4 June 2019, Belgorod region, Russia – 3 June in the evening on the territory of Scientific and educational center «Biruch» there was an accident that caused the loss of 2 employees – plumber and master of water supply and sewers. Besides, a gatekeeper was hospitalized.