3 April 2014

EFKO Group sponsored children's festival "Theater Rainbow"

3 April 2014, Belgorod, Russia – EFKO Group, which produces products under the "Sloboda" and "Altero" brands sponsored a regional festival of children's theater group "Theater Rainbow", which was held on 27-28 March in the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture.

EFKO Group while actively applying the principles of socially oriented approach to business regularly assists in the organization of regional events, which is also of educational nature.

IMG_0206.JPGImplementing the concept of corporate social responsibility, EFKO sponsored the regional festival of children's theater group "Theater Rainbow", which was held in March in BSU of Arts and Culture. The event was attended by over 120 young actors from all over the Belgorod region, including children's theater groups "Visionaries" of Bessonovskaya Children’s Art School, "Masquerade" of Novooskolskaya School named after Platonov, "Harlequin" of School in Alekseevka, "Play Actors" of Krasnoyaruzhskaya School, theatrical group of Veydelevskaya School, children's musical theater "Cinderella" of MSDC, School of Maslov Pier village and theater association "We are at the stage" of Arkhangelsk School in Gubkinskiy district.

The festival is aimed at the introduction to the theatrical art of children and adolescents, education of their spiritual and moral ideals and the development of creative abilities. Such events play the important role in the collective managers’ life. For them, this is another reason to meet, to talk, exchange views on the progress of their wards and to distinguish the most talented pupils.

The festival "Theater Rainbow" is held every two years and is one of the traditional festivals of the Belgorod Institute of Arts and Culture.

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