The positive experience of the environmental working group of LLC "Food Ingredients" should be relayed to the federal level, offered "Green patrol" ecologists according to the results of last working meeting

8 April 2014

The positive experience of the environmental working group of LLC "Food Ingredients" should be relayed to the federal level, offered "Green patrol" ecologists according to the results of last working meeting

8 April 2014, Volna village, Krasnodar krai, Russia – 7 April 2014 at the site of LLC "Food Ingredients" (part of EFKO Group) held a meeting of the working group "Environmental Control" and the company results in the second half of 2013 in this sphere were summed up. Following the meeting, Andrey Nagibin, the chairman of the All-Russian "Green Patrol" non-governmental organization, has offered to relay a positive experience not only in the group of all Krasnodar krai enterprises, but also on the federal level.

В (27) .jpgThe working group on environmental issues "Environmental control" was created by LLC "Food Ingredients" in August 2013 in order to implement the policy of openness in the environmental field and the desire to maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders on issues related to the environmental aspects of industrial activity in the region. In October 2013, between the company and representatives of the authorities and the public of the Taman Peninsula was signed a Memorandum of environmental safety cooperation. Meetings of the working group are held twice a year.

At the last 7 April 2014 meeting, the working group was attended by the LLC "Food Ingredients" management, representatives of the administration Temryuk district, Taman rural settlement, the Russian public organization "Green Patrol" and local environmental organizations.

Reporting on the work done Sergey Panov, the managing director of a branch of SC EFKO Group in the Taman seaport, said that in the second half of 2013 on the territory of the Taman seaport was not recorded any technological incident by the LLC "Food Ingredients".

During this period, the company has implemented a number of environmental measures aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of the LLC "Food Ingredients" activities. Among them – the conduction of regular environmental monitoring of the production, organization and delivery of differentiated collection of waste, rationing in the field of environmental protection.

In addition, the company has improved its own water recycling system. The plant of LLC "Food Ingredients" operates on zero-discharge technology, which eliminates the ingress of waste products into the environment. The water used in the production, takes about ten purification steps, including using special bacteria.

At the end of 2013, there has been expanded flotation stage in the biological treatment system, allowing improve the bacteria working and the quality of water obtained at the output. Because of the seawater control, accredited by the laboratory of Novorossiysk Educational and Research Marine Biological Center (NERMBC) (measurements of 20.11.2013), deviations have been recorded from the maximum permissible concentration. In addition, the company became the bronze prizewinner of the contest "Best Environmental Technology Kuban-2013" for the project of the water rotation system, which was held with the decree of President of the Russian Federation from 10.08.2012 № 1157 "About holding in the Russia of the Year of environmental protection".

Over the last 6 months LLC "Food Ingredients" has already sent on the implementation of environmental measures more than 24 million rubles.

There were also summed up the project results of the youth volunteer movement "New Horizons", which LLC "Food Ingredients" realizes on the Taman Peninsula since July 2013. The project aims to popularize among the younger generation of Taman residents ideas of caring about the environment and about the grant assistance for elder people. It allows young people to realize themselves through good deeds for the benefit of the native land.

During the project about 30 events have been already realized, which were attended by more than 100 pupils of 8-11 classes of Taman and Volna village schools. In particular, as part of the landscaping Taman program, volunteers planted about 300 parks’ trees in the city center, and on Saturday under the sanitary cleaning of the beach of Volna village there have been collected over 400 bags with trash.

Representatives of the LLC "Food Ingredients" promised that work with eco-landing volunteers will be continued.

Administration officials, the public and environmentalists, presented at the meeting, praised the work of LLC "Food ingredients".

Thus, according to Michael Baslovyak, head of the municipality of Taman rural settlement: "On the part of "Food Ingredients" we see good socially-oriented approach to business. The company is in the thick of environmental safety issues and implements very worthy projects with Taman youth. This gives us confidence that in Taman Peninsula is a great promising future".

Galina Vishnya, a member of the Social Affairs Commission of the Public Council at the head of the Taman rural settlement: "We have a very constructive relationship with LLC "Food ingredients". We can always count on the company's assistance in the implementation of socially important issues to settle, and it causes a sincere respect".

Igor Golubenkov, co-chairman of the public organization "Save the Taman!": "Today, the main problem is connected with the transport of the peninsula, and must be solved jointly by the business, the society and the authorities. On the part of LLC "Food Ingredients" I see the openness and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue".

Summing up the meeting, Andrei Nagibin, chairman of the All-Russian public organization "Green Patrol" stressed: "Due to the memorandum and the creation of a working group there have been appeared live working mechanism for solving problems between business, government and society. I am glad that the company is not simply declares the principles of environmental safety and openness, but also is systematically working on its implementation. This positive experience of LLC "Food ingredients" and social groups is necessary not only to relay to other enterprises of Krasnodar krai, but also on the federal level".

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