EFKO Group introduced social initiatives of 2016 on a working group’s meeting "Social control"

22 March 2016

EFKO Group introduced social initiatives of 2016 on a working group’s meeting "Social control"

22 March 2016, Krasnodar Krai, Russia – LLC "Food Ingredients", the EFKO Group’s largest asset in the South of Russia, held a regular offsite meeting of working group on "Social control" social investment. Administration representatives of rural settlements, volunteers and leaders of non-governmental organizations and leaders of the social sector of the Taman Peninsula – schools, kindergartens, health care facilities – attended the meeting.

В (27) .jpgMembers of the working group were informed of results of the social infrastructure monitoring in the Taman Peninsula rural settlements: institutions of culture, education, health, recreation, sport and "Food Ingredients" social programs, which were realized in 2015.

The meeting participants noted that the establishment of the collegial charity body in the Temryuk district is a great and necessary work, because today the systematic work in this area and the interaction between all those involved – public authorities, local governments, enterprises, public associations, volunteers – are very important.

The meeting was opened by Anastasia Zhazhskaya, the chairperson of the working group of the Taman rural settlement Council of Permanent Commission for law, social protection for the public, public health service, education and sports, the development of local self-education, patriotic upbringing of youth and Cossacks affairs. She noted that since the first year the company assists in the social facilities’ repairing and in the solving of problems in other areas. With the EFKO Group’s support the first ambulance was donated to the Taman district hospital; a new sports facility – the volleyball court in the Veselovka village – was built; four two-bedroom apartments for health workers in the village were built in the Sennoy village; the problem of heating of community center in the Progress village was resolved; two new green parks in Novotamansky settlement were laid out. Besides that the company has provided and continues to provide the financial support to district’s schools and kindergartens, supplying them with the furniture, the multimedia equipment and houseware, organizing festivals and gifts for disabled children, sports and cultural events, and the company also regularly allocates vehicles to driving district’s colt teams to competitions of different levels.

Over the last two years, the company has sent about 12 million rubles on a social support of Taman peninsula residents.

– It is commonly believed in EFKO that for the successful development of business in the long term you must create values not only in the production sphere, but also for society, – says the managing director of the branch of SC MC "EFKO" in Taman seaport Sergey Mezhensky. – Therefore, we strive to combine the growth and the maintenance of stable rates of our company development with a respect for the environment and an improvement of the life quality. This approach is fixed in the social concept of "Creating the Future". We consider it as a socially oriented way of doing business and an integral part of a comprehensive approach to business management. In 2015, the Group announced the launch of new four social programs that have received public approval and were noted by the administration of Krasnodar region.

The social program of "Gifted Children of Taman and Novotamansky settlements" promotes the renovation of educational institutions in terms of technical equipment, which helps students of Taman peninsula in a career counseling. The classrooms are equipped with the modern computer and multimedia facilities, the furniture and learning materials; competitions for the prize for the talented youth of settlements, the exhibition of scientific and technical creativity are held as part of such projects with the financial support of LLC "Food Ingredients".

In addition, for some time now the company is actively supporting the work of patriotic upbringing of the youth on the Taman Peninsula, which helps them to keep the connection between generations, while being systematic. During the implementation of the program "Youth of Taman and Novotamansky settlement" more than a hundred events were held, including regular participation of young people in the project "Veteran lives by your side", voluntary Saturday works with the arranging of monuments, thematic field games and quests. Thanks to the "Food Ingredients" supporting, Taman students have the opportunity to participate in outside events and forums of the district and regional levels. In 2015, activists of the volunteer movement "New Horizons" signed up to the Governor's Forum "Region 93" – "From thought to action."

Particular attention is paid to the development of mass and professional sports traditions in the Temryuk district, on the Taman peninsula. As part of the program "Development of physical culture and sports among children, adolescents and young adults", the children are working with sport veterans and Olympic champions. The company has taken care that in 2016 the legend of the Russian sports held open lessons in Taman schools. And today, thanks to the support of the company dozens of athletes were able to participate in various tournaments and championships of the Krasnodar Territory.

Thus, the support of LLC "Food Ingredients" helped the Taman team of traditional kyokushin karate to win 11 medals at the Open Championship of Russia, the team of "EFKO-Friendship" it helped to become a silver medalist of the Cup Temryuk District Cup, and the employees of LLC "Food Ingredients" are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so that the company's team won the bronze medal of the tournament in beach volleyball BEACH GAMES KUBAN – 2015. Not far behind them and the youngsters – with the support of the company, for the first time he interschool Spartakiad according to the standards GTO was held in Taman "We are for the sport and healthy life! " for the cup of the LLC "Food Ingredients", which was attended by more than 6 students.

LLC "Food ingredients" became one of the first Taman peninsula’s companies that supported families, bringing up children with disabilities. Thanks to the family patronage, the support for individual rehabilitation programs became available to children with disabilities in Taman rural settlement. Rehabilitation programs include both individual and group therapy. Classes are held on the basis of school № 28 of Taman village. In 2016 there are planned programs of inclusive education, creative contests and sports activities for young people with disabilities called "I can!". Ecology lessons "Water saviors" and "Plant a tree", which promote a caring attitude to the native land, are held for schoolchildren since 2015. Since 2016, the company will proceed with a scholarships program for talented students of the Taman Peninsula. Together with the teachers, who developed the program, the current requirements for professional competencies of young professionals are taking into account.

– EFKO Group is not in the first time fully supports the settlements of Temryuk district, – says Margarita Voropaeva, the director of secondary school №28 of Taman village. – This year, social support for us was of special character – thanks to the company’s initiative our school became a kind of center for rehabilitation of children with disabilities. For some children, such meetings were the first in the exciting life lessons that still have the rehabilitation character. I'm not exaggerating now, if on behalf of all without exception attendees will thank EFKO for systematic work in the field of charity, for the opportunity to open dialogue under the working group, when we all together can discuss issues and make decisions and, of course, on behalf of all parents I want to express my sincere appreciation for the active and effective assistance in the running events of key importance in the spiritual, social and cultural life of our region.

In 2016 for consideration by the working group "Social control" 37 applications were received from the institutions of the social sector, the total cost of which amounted to about 15 million rubles.

– The mechanism of the working group is a kind of tool for solving social issues of settlement altogether: business, government, non-governmental organizations, residents of villages and towns, – says the chairwoman of the working group Anastasia Zhazhskaya. – The main objective is to discuss important issues and to develop joint steps to resolve them. Not always the local authorities aware of the problems that today are relevant for kindergartens, schools or health care facilities. For example, the problem of placement on the armwrestling sports section was solved only through dialogue at the working group. This is the main task of our meetings – not to stand aside, but together try to find solutions to various social problems.

The final event was the performance of a working group of young volunteers-participants of the project "New Horizons", which is implemented with the support of EFKO in Temryuk district. Children have offered more than 30 different projects, the best of which were chosen by a vote.

For example, children offered to urge residents to the responsiveness and attention via outdoor advertising in public places, and during the spring and autumn weeks of good to install mailboxes and points of cards distribution called "From Taman with kindness" in crowded places. The working group supported the project, pointing that kindness is a peculiar feature of all the settlements’ inhabitants, and therefore it is very important that good deeds become a necessity for Taman residents.

Students also talked about the idea to hold a festival of short motion films "Edge of the World", which is also supported by members of the working group. The main characters of short films are the young children of the Taman Peninsula and their view to the solution of the region’s social problems. The main objectives of the festival will be the augmentation of moral and cultural traditions, education of patriotism, of civil liability and the development of interschool youth cooperation. In particular, these videos could be shown in the community centers, on the forums and festivals held in the Temryuk district, according to the children.

At the end of the meeting of the working group "Social control" the head of management of the district Yuri Pishkin gave the children a counsel: "There is a tomorrow beside you, and it is important not to wait what it would be like, but to create, imagine and be sure to materialize your ideas. You have to dream about what would be the Taman Peninsula in the future, and what place in here would be yours, what you will do in order to make it better. Future of the district depends on your opinion and the opinion of your parents. I wish you success and I believe that all of you will actualize yourselves, because I see in your eyes an indifferent attitude to the native land".

The next meeting of the working group "Social control" will be held in June 2016. It is expected that participants will summarize the preliminary results of the work and share their work plans for the second half of the year.

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