5 May 2014

LLC "Food Ingredients" sponsored the children's event "Together cheerfully to walk"

5 May 2014, Taman, Russia – LLC "Food Ingredients" (part of EFKO Group) sponsored a children's holiday event "Together cheerfully to walk", dedicated to the opening of a children's playground on the Belikov street in Taman.

LLC "Food Ingredients", as the biggest asset of the EFKO Group in South of Russia pay great attention to the implementation of social responsibility policies and to the support of social projects aimed at the development of culture, science, education, environment and promoting of healthy lifestyle. This work is carried out through joint activities with schools, art groups and other associations of the Taman Peninsula.

efko_alekseevka_den_2.jpgThus, at April 27, the "Food Ingredients" sponsored children's holiday event, which was held in Taman on the occasion of the playground opening at the Belikov street.

Festive events organized by Territorial Self-Government № 2 in Taman and LLC "Food Ingredients" was attended by more than 200 residents of the settlement. And while the kids were playing on colorful swings, roundabouts and horizontal bars, their parents enjoyed a concert program prepared by the House of Culture "Yunost" children's creative teams. In addition, everyone could take part in contests and competitions and get nice gifts and prizes. The culmination of the celebration was the launch of a friendly multi-colored balloons in the sky.

For the support of the provided organization of the event the LLC "Food Ingredients" was awarded by the Taman rural settlement administration with a letter of thanks.

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