22 February 2019

Taman volunteers organized an intellectual game «Ready to defend!»

22 February 2019, Temryuksky district, Russia – Volunteers of the project «New Horizons» (realized with the support of EFKO Group) organized lessons of courage and an intellectual game «Ready to defend!» for pupils of 3-6 forms of Taman schools. Employees of Taman Children’s Library provided the activists with literature support.

Тамань_интеллектуальная игра_Новые Горизонты.jpgTraditionally volunteers of the project «New Horizons» started a Month of defensive-mass patriotic events dedicated to the Fatherland Defender’s Day with lessons of courage and an intellectual game «Ready to defend!». This year the following pupils have become teachers: Leyla Petrosyan, Irina Bryuhova, Elizaveta Laschenko, Alina Bryuhanova, Nika Diamandopulo, Ksenia Bondarevskaya – pupils from the school №28, Adam Batalov, Ksenia Makaruk, Vladlena Turichenko, Diana Gogotidze, Elizaveta Glinko, Polina Andreeva, Elina Khababuyuk, Ilya Sosedsky – pupils form the school №9.

«Young heroes of Cuban» and «There is always a place for a heroic deed» were the topical subjects important for all times. Volunteers prepared interesting presentations and told the pupils about heroic deeds of Cuban children who along with adults fought with enemy. Zhenya Popov, Tolya Alekhin, Lenya Obyedko, Volodya Golovatov, Lenya Tarannik forever became a part of the National History. Streets and schools of Temryuksky district are named after them.

Employees of Taman Children’s Library organized in the classrooms exhibitions of books and banners on patriotic topics. Everybody could get acquainted with the literature and participate in the intellectual game «Ready to defend!». In the end of the game the most active pupils got memorable gifts.

- Childhood and youth are the most blessing periods to form spiritual and moral values and develop patriotism and respect to ancestors. It is a pleasure to see that volunteer pupils touch on such a global themes and visit junior mates, - Oxana Reva, head of Taman Children’s Library, noted.

Volunteers are very passionate to the history and remembering of the compatriot-heroes therefore they organize patriotic events warmly and with full responsibility. For two last seasons «New Horizons» organized over 120 patriotic events including systematic participation in All-Russian campaigns «A veteran living nearby», «Wave of memory», «Week of good deeds», «World pigeon», «Saint George’s Ribbon», «Immortal Regiment», Community Clean-up Days, thematic field games and sports competitions.

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