19 July 2019

Volunteers of the project «New Horizons» continue to do good deeds

11 July 2019, Taman, Russia – Volunteers of the project «New Horizons» with the support of EFKO Group participated in the event «Week of good deeds».

Добрые дела_эфко.jpgAlmost each resident of Taman peninsula knows about voluntary activities of members of the project «New Horizons». For the sixth consecutive season the volunteers, pupils of 6-11 forms, help to clean territories of the native settlements and villages, conduct sanitary raids on beaches, eco-lessons for younger schoolchildren and organize a «Week of good deeds». The big volunteer week joins those who want to help people and try to improve their small motherland.

There have already been over a thousand implemented events of ecological, sport and patriotic direction. The volunteers organize historic quests and community clean-up days, help older people.

This July has also become favorable – the volunteers have conducted a social event «Week of good deeds» that is already traditional. Its main goal is to involve younger schoolchildren in good deeds that they do together with volunteers of the project «New Horizons». 60 children of Taman peninsula participated in the event.

Volunteers of the project «New Horizons» started the summer «Week of good deeds» with participation in the regional event «Second hands». It has been organized permanently since 2010 in all municipal settlements of Krasnodar Krai.

For 9 years there have been collected about 4,6 mn units of clothes, about 428 th pairs of shoes, over 67 th sets of bed linen, about 28 th rehabilitation devices. It permitted to help over half a million of citizens.

- Things that we receive in the center «Second hands» are given to the families. Social school teachers, residents in difficult circumstances, parents of large and single-parent families and even expectant mothers come to us, - according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Krasnodar Krai.

Within the «Week of good deeds» the volunteers visited a veteran of the Great Patriotic War Nina Shirokova. The volunteers cleaned up the yard of her house: removed the grass, arranged the flowerbeds, watered the plants, swept the ground and took out the rubbish.

Nina Shirokova got the pupils some tea and told them stories of the military life, about the pilots of the 42nd guard fighter aviation regiment who covered advancing ground forces, accompanied bombers and attack planes, attacked enemy troops.

That day everybody told about faith in victory and personal happiness, peaceful life and death of mates on the battlefield. In the end of the meeting, the volunteers sang the favorite song of Nina Rodionovna – «Katyusha».

«It is always pleasant to do good deeds and twice as pleasant to see the smiles of the people who have received assistance, - Vlada Sukhoterina, participant of the volunteer project, shares her impressions. – We always try to take part in charity events as many as possible, because if you do good deeds, you will get back the same».

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