9 August 2012

EFKO improves environmental efficiency of its production facilities


EFKO Group, a leader of the Russian Fat&Oil industry, has launched an environmental efficiency improvement program. The program provides for modernization and retrofit of three facilities at EFKO's production site in the town of Alekseevka, Belgorod Region, including the boiler plant, water treatment (demineralization) plant and on-site sewage treatment plant.

The program will be completed by the year end. According to Evgeny Lyashenko, CEO of EFKO, the plans are to bring atmospheric emission down almost to zero and introduce a water recycling technology that will cut down on fresh water supply for production needs and decrease sewage disposal to municipal treatment facilities.

"EFKO has always followed strict environmental standards. It is enough to say that the Group's industrial fats facility in the port of Taman (Krasnodar Krai) has used, from the start of its operations, a zero discharge technology that prevents any waste from being released to the environment," added the CEO.

EFKO has approved installation of a flue gas treatment system for the boiler plant and made a supply contract for four flue filters (by the number of boilers) to prevent solid particles from being released to the air. Today, sunflower hulls combustion to produce heat and power is the most effective use of this by-product.

Three biological treatment tanks, new filters and pumps are planned to be installed along with other new equipment at the water treatment plant. A new two-stage water treatment technology will be introduced at the on-site sewage treatment plant. It will allow for water recycling rather than discharging it.

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