9 June 2012

EFKO organised a summer festival for children


In association with EFKO, the Kristall Rehabilitation Centre (Voronezh) hosted the Children's Day summer festival. Over 45 children aged from 3 to 18 took part in the festival competing in exciting contests and games, trying their creative talents and making friends with a good fairy. After that children launched air balloons, each with a dearest wish painted on it. The festival finished with sweet treats for the children.

The Kristall Centre was established to support children and teenagers with special needs. Rehabilitation methods applied in the Centre are based on the latest pedagogic innovations.

"Today we are happy to congratulate so many children, including those who need special care. Wehavebroughtmuch joy and fun to children. It means the festival is not for nothing," said Evgeny Lyashenko, CEO of EFKO.

"Children are our future. If they know they are not alone, they will grow kind, responsive and confident in tomorrow," added Elena Andriyanova, Director of Kristall. She thanked EFKO for their time and support of the festival.

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