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22 February 2019, Temryuksky district, Russia – Volunteers of the project «New Horizons» (realized with the support of EFKO Group) organized lessons of courage and an intellectual game «Ready to defend!» for pupils of 3-6 forms of Taman schools. Employees of Taman Children’s Library provided the activists with literature support.
20 February 2019, Belgorod, Russia – In February EFKO Group within collaboration with Alexeevka diagnostic and treatment center purchased a modern ultrasound device HITACHI PROSOUND F75 PREMIER made in Japan.
31 October 2018, Temryukskiy district, Krasnodar region, Russia – Volunteer project «New Horizons» chose leaders of the project in schools via voting. This academic year 45 more active and initiative young people joined the volunteer movement.
4 November 2018, Krasnodar region, Russia – The main EFKO Group’s sport event of the year – II corporative Olympics – took place in Sukko, Anapa district. For two days on the territory of the rope park 4 teams were fighting for the best results in overcoming of the rope town, unclassical sport orientation, Holland billiards, military game, passing of sport-stage.