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3 April 2014, Belgorod, Russia – EFKO Group, which produces products under the "Sloboda" and "Altero" brands sponsored a regional festival of children's theater group "Theater Rainbow", which was held on 27-28 March in the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture.
07 March, 2014, Russia – EFKO Group, well-known for its products under Sloboda brand, celebrated Maslenitsa festival in nine cities in Russia. 
February 12, 2014, Russia – EFKO Group - company producing well known “Sloboda” mayonnaise - helped out child welfare institutions of Smolensk region as a part of “Comfortable childhood” initiative. Earlier, the same initiative took place in Ryazan aiming to help large families.
A new playground in Taman 19 September 2013
This Sunday a new playground in Sennoy village has been opened. This has coincided with the new school year start, also with All-Kuban lesson "Olympic start of Kuban" and the Worldwide Day of Peace.