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February 12, 2014, Russia – EFKO Group - company producing well known “Sloboda” mayonnaise - helped out child welfare institutions of Smolensk region as a part of “Comfortable childhood” initiative. Earlier, the same initiative took place in Ryazan aiming to help large families.
A new playground in Taman 19 September 2013
This Sunday a new playground in Sennoy village has been opened. This has coincided with the new school year start, also with All-Kuban lesson "Olympic start of Kuban" and the Worldwide Day of Peace.
EFKO has made another step towards modernization of its production facilities in the town of Alekseevka, Belgorod Region. It was aimed at reducing atmospheric emissions and improving the town environment. The modernization project was launched last August, with a flue gas treatment system installed in the boiler plant in December. This time investments totalled RUB 70 million.
The Centre has been operating in Voronezh since 2002 focusing on innovations in social and psychological rehabilitation and exercise therapy for children with special needs.