Professional Training Center

Designed to provide professional training and retraining of staff for the Group's companies through a total of 12 licensed programs, the Center opened in 2003. It uses a framework of lectures and seminars, along with laboratory classes and onsite sessions at production facilities, to help ensure that the students completely understand all the specifics and aspects of their professions.

Cooperation with Biriuch Management School

The Biriuch Management School was founded in 2009 with strong support coming from EFKO Group and the Belgorod region Administration. In cooperation with Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS, the Biriuch Management School has trained operations managers as part of the Presidential Managers Training Program, and students under an MBA program.

It offers the following further professional education programs: advanced professional training, professional retraining, and internships. Courses at the School are taught by university professors (including PhDs), leading experts of the industry and EFKO's executives. Cooperation with Biriuch Management School is aimed at formation of EFKO's potential workforce, training of effective managers as well as strengthening of common corporate values and culture. More than 700 employees of the Company have successfully graduated from the School in the course of such cooperation.

EFKO's Corporate University

EFKO's Corporate University was established under a strategic partnership agreement signed in April 2011 between the Group and Voronezh State University.

The Corporate University was created in the form of VSU's subdivision, where students are taught by assistant professors and professors of a number of Voronezh universities, along with EFKO's experts.

The Corporate University is successfully running the Innovative Technologies and Management course, offering advanced training for graduates and PhD students of the VSU Physics and Mathematics departments. The graduates of the program receive state-recognized certificates.

In January 2012, the Corporate University launched the Practical Creativity advanced training course engaging EFKO's employees and graduates and students of Voronezh educational institutions.

Through EFKO's Corporate University, students get access to employment and career growth opportunities across the Group, including involvement in high-tech production and innovation projects.

Chair of "Chemistry of natural products"

Through EFKO's Corporate University, students get access to employment and career growth opportunities across the Group, including involvement in high-tech production and innovation projects.

In 2014, in terms of futhering partnership relations the EFKO Group's basic chair of "Chemistry of natural products" was opened in cooperation with the Department of Chemistry.

EFKO Group's basic chair is the first chemistry chair opened in Voronezh State University.

In accordance with the signed agreement, EFKO Group will provide students with the access to the up-to-date equipment and present new opportunities for basic research in the field of oleochemistry. At the disposal of chemists and researchers will be the most modern synthetic and analytic equipment: from parallel synthesis facility to reactor system and molecular distillation facility. Analysis of the developed products will be undertaken with the usage of both classical physical-chemical methods and the liquid and gas chromato-mass spectrometer which allows to detect analyzed products composition with the highest accuracy.

Thus, applying the classical approach to fundamental education, all the lectures and workshops will meet the current level of technology development and students will gain invaluable experience by participating in practical studies.

After graduating, the best Master's students will receive a job offer from the Department of oleochemical business and other Group's companies.

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