Natalia Rogacheva

Deputy Chief of Strategic Management, 28 years old

How to understand in which direction an employee should be developed? Often choosing profession at the age of 16-17 years we have no idea if it is really suitable for us. All these I've studied in EFKO.

Yury Kozarenko

Chief of Science and Educational Center «Biruch», 28 years old

I strongly believe that success is available for those people who are ready to work and live - combine these parts and don't choose between them.

Lebedev Andrey Vladimirovich

Brand Director, 30 years old

Perhaps, the largest experience in this project is the clear interconnection in your mind: difficult – with all might – terribly interesting – the step in the development...

Kankin Evgeniy

Chief Process Engineer Deputy, 24 years old

It’s all not only about career... Work in the company taught me to be in the team, and that's why there is no impossible tasks for us.

Kovalevsky Rostislav

Director of Strategic Management of Commercial Activity of Global Trade and Development Division, 28 years old

And is this not a human happiness – to go to work that brings inner satisfaction and enables to provide a decent life to your loved ones...

Oleg Ivanovich Kharlanov

Head of Fat&Oil division, 39 years old

Less than 7 years old and I was able to grow from a simple sales manager to director of the division of the largest Russian Fat&Oil holding. I know that this is not the limit.

Sanina Tatiana Viktorovna

CEO of Innovation Center "Biruch – NT" (EFKO Group R&D center), 30 years old

I’ve always been interested in science and wanted to see it change our lives for the better. Working at EFKO Group helped me to have this opportunity.

Potapov Kirill

Director of Corporative Relations of the Production Division, 28 years old

The working experience in the company helped me to understand, that life is not so easy and I should take responsibility for my actions.

Danshin Alexander

Head of Logistics Management of Director Service of Oil Raw Material Division, 31 years old

In EFKO there is life, are constantly emerging new projects, where you can take part whatever your position is.

Kutsenko Roman

Deputy Chief Engineer on Development Projects, 26 years old

Newcomers in EFKO are given all the things needed for effective work and self-realization.

Samoilov Alexander

Deputy Chief Engineer of Development Projects, 27 years old

Company is open to dialogue and is ready to compromise – it helps to participate in interesting projects and to make a comfortable living.

Ryzhkov Pavel

Deputy of Technical Director on Automatics, 33 years old

I love a balance in my job – you can work with the technics and communicate with people.

Sosnitskiy Alexey

Deputy of Technical Director of Core Production, 27 years old

In EFKO I understood what a stability means: that a stable salary, stable development exist, and the most important is that the management stands by the words.