12 August 2019

EFKO Group opens «EFKO Innovations» to expand the work with startups and young scientists

12 August 2019, Russia, Moscow – EFKO Group – a vertically integrated holding, one of the largest enterprises of the food industry that provide food safety of the RF, unites its developments in agro and food-tech in a single center «EFKO Innovations». The center will consolidate at the market technologies that will strengthen the main business of the company. Andrey Zyuzin, Deputy CEO of Innovations and Digitalization, will head it.

«EFKO Innovations» will become the only entry point for all participants of the innovation community including collaboration with the state institutes of development and will be located on the territory of the science park «Skolkovo».

The new structure will deal with searching, selection and analyzing of scientific projects and startups in food and agro-technologies that will help the company to develop its main business. EFKO Group’s experts on new products development will take part in testing of the selected technological solutions and evaluate each project.

«Before launching of «EFKO Innovations», the team practiced and optimized processes of searching, selection and analyzing of projects. The specialists paid special attention to the systematic preparation for entering the innovation market. The scope of development of the company at this market is planned to be amazing, therefore if you have a development in food or agro-technologies, your path should lead to «EFKO Innovations», - Andrey Zyuzin, Deputy CEO of Innovations and Digitalization, notes.

At the moment, the technical cycle of passing of a startup to «EFKO Innovations» until taking a decision to collaborate lasts no longer than a month. One more month is necessary to prepare and organize a pilot. If the development passes tests, it joins product, marketing and production chains of the company. In the past six months, over 60 startups have already passed through «EFKO Innovations» - 4 of them were chosen for further work.

«In Russia there is a lack of private innovation centers oriented to technologies in the food industry – that’s what we call food-tech. We plan to occupy this sector and become a significant player in it. EFKO Group already has serious expertise in food-tech and technologies of agro-industrial complex, we have strong scientific and laboratory bases. Today we are ready enough to enter the innovation market and engage in an open dialogue with scientists, designers and entrepreneurs», - Evgeny Lyashenko, CEO of EFKO Group, explained.

«EFKO Innovations» plans to collaborate actively with Russian and foreign universities. Besides, collaboration with «Skoltech» and UrFU is becoming closer. Furthermore, the center intends to develop investment area and enter foreign innovation markets.

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