22 July 2019

24 Russian projects claim «UMNIK-EFKO» grants

22 July 2019, Moscow, Russia – Expert jury of the contest «UMNIK-EFKO» within the elimination round chose 24 projects from 11 cities of Russia. In general, there were 80 applications to the contest.

jaron-nix-5HbxyB0_DBg-unsplash.jpg«UMNIK-EFKO» is the first common contest of EFKO Group and Fund of innovations promoting. It aims at supporting of projects of young scientists in biotechnologies for the benefit of enterprises of agro-industrial complex.

The majority of applications were from Voronezh, Moscow and Kazan. Among represented projects there were technology of production of biodegradable sheet, express-test of food products quality, development of nanoporous material for fruit freshness conservation, environmentally-friendly ice cream, aromatic flavorings based on cucumber extract, methods of selection of drought-resistant sunflowers, technologies of industrial production of brazzein (sweet protein) etc.

Specialists of gene engineering, nutrigenomics and biotechnologies in agro-industrial complex made the first selection. Analytical Center of the RF Ministry of Agriculture became a partner in collecting of applications.

«There are many interesting, quite viable ideas that have a chance of success. Working with young researches lets us follow the trends, search creative solutions and breakthrough technologies in agro-industrial complex. We offer our expertise and production areas for pilot testing to the best designers and winners of «UMNIK-EFKO», - Anna Nenakhova, director of innovations of EFKO Group, notes.

Winners of the contest will be announced in August after the meeting of the competition commission of the Fund of innovations promoting. Young scientists will receive grants in the amount of 500 000 rubles and opportunity to participate in EFKO free preacceleration program that lets bring innovation projects to life.

«Within the past 5 years the Fund supported over 750 projects in agro-industrial complex and biotechnologies with total amount of financing over 3 bln rubles. «UMNIK-EFKO» for us is pilot and, according to the number of applications and the level of their elaboration, a successful project. The Fund’s grant lets test and improve a development, while partnership with EFKO Group gives the winners a direct access to resources and infrastructure of the corporation. All this is an excellent start for a young scientists who is just beginning his journey to the big science», - Andrey Mikitas, Deputy CEO of the Fund of innovations promoting, commented.

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