24 July 2020

A researcher from Texas University and EFKO Group presented a book about food transformation

24 July 2020, Russia – EFKO Group, one of the largest national food products makers, took part in the presentation of the book «Eda 3.0» by Robyn Metcalfe. The work is published in Russian translation with the support of the company within a popular science project «Bibliofood».

The project realized by EFKO Group involves the launch of a translated books series dedicated to a healthy diet, innovations in the food industry and the newest trends in FoodTech. The book of a lecturer and director of the food startups project of Texas University, USA, Robyn Metcalfe was presented to readers online. Director of «EFKO Innovations» Andrey Zyuzin, CEO of «Tochka» Publishing Group Michael Gorsky, foodtech representatives and students from the National Research University ITMO took part in the event.

«This book is about backstage of what we eat, about the way that the product walk to become our food. At first glance, the story is not so interesting but essential in the context of commerce and society values. We have to know what will provide the entire population with healthy food now and then», - commented Robyn Metcalfe.

«Eda 3.0» will acquaint people with special aspects of the world food system and tell what impact network technologies have on this sector. For example, thanks to the mechanism for food supplies recording based on blockchain technologies consumers in the near future will be able to know all information not only about the product itself but also about its production way. This and other futuristic forecasts the author presents in description of the food evolution that can happen very soon.

«Innovations is one of the priority courses of EFKO Group. Those promising solutions that are able to change food diversity for better: find a healthy substitute to sugar, improve plant proteins etc. The book by Robyn Metcalfe is dedicated to the revolutionary food transformation that is why it became the first in the series «EFKO library», - told CEO of «EFKO Innovations» Andrey Zyuzin.

The book «Eda 3.0» by Robyn Metcalfe is available in Labirint.ru online shop and «Moskva» and «Chitay-gorod» bookstores.

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