EFKO Group is a market leader known as a reliable partner. We continue successful development in all our segments and great potential for further market expansion.

Our priorities are innovative approach to our products, high quality standards, and environmental friendliness.

Market Leader

EFKO Group is Russia's largest vertically integrated company producing specialized fats used in confectionery, baking, and other sectors of food industry. The Company is also a leader on the Russian mayonnaise, vegetable oil and ketchup markets, with well-established brands like Sloboda and Altero.

Vertically Integrated Business

Our integrated business model enables us to perform the full production cycle, from the procurement of raw materials to the marketing of ready products.

Partnership with unique Terminal on the Taman Peninsula

Partnership with Russia's only vegetable oil deep water sea terminal gives us logistical advantage and ensures our raw materials supply.


EFKO Group fosters innovation through carrying out an extensive program of new product and technology development, implementing and improving the Group's quality control system and automating its business processes.

HR Policy

The Company strives to create the best environment to realize its employees professional and creative potential, in particular by developing detailed motivation schemes and career advancement systems and establishing specialized professional training centres.

Environment Protection

Caring about the environment, we work to minimize our ecological footprint and implement resource-efficient technologies in all our operations.

Social Responsibility

Not being limited to creating wholesome atmosphere for our employees, our social responsibility program covers all the local communities in the regions of Company's presence. We donate to children with special needs, subsidize initiatives aimed at restoration and preservation of cultural and historic heritage, support arts and sports, and back a number of other projects.

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