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EFKO Group, a vertically integrated holding, one of the largest enterprises of Russian food industry, announced extension of «Sloboda» yogurts export geography.
Meat consumption per capita may be reduced almost by 3 % in 2020 that will become the greatest decline at least since 2000. Beef will drop the most, millions of people around the world decided to go back of it, according to Bloomberg.
By the end of the first half-year the world investments in foodtech amounted to almost $8,6 bln in contrast to $7,4 bln for the same period of the last year, herewith the number of bargains reduced by 35% to 331, according to the venture fund Fuel for Growth. Investments in food delivery services (34%) and production of organic and natural food products (23%) were the most popular among the investors. Startups for restaurants and business account for 15% of bargains, alternative meat and milk – 10%. Personalized nutrition services and medical technologies are interested to 10% of investors.
A new type of products – food from insects – can reduce carbon footprint and overcome the lack of protein in the Third World. Swiss startup Essento was one of the first in the world that learned to grow flies and crickets on an industrial scale and produce high-protein food from them. Will the project be able to enrich its creator and solve environmental problems?