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The market of plant-based meat analogues attracted large Russian food companies. EFKO Group, producer of «Sloboda» mayonnaise, invested 100 mln rubles in development of the product that will go on sale in autumn and compete with Beyond Meat as well. Promotion of the product that in Russia still remains pilot will require large investments and soon meat producers themselves may keep up with EFKO.
EFKO Group announced extension of «Sloboda» yogurts export geography. A batch of renewed yogurts Sloboda «Semeyny zavtrak» including a novelty with fig and plum became the first supply of dairy products to Georgia, according to the press center of the company.
EFKO Group, a vertically integrated holding, one of the largest enterprises of Russian food industry, announced extension of «Sloboda» yogurts export geography.
Meat consumption per capita may be reduced almost by 3 % in 2020 that will become the greatest decline at least since 2000. Beef will drop the most, millions of people around the world decided to go back of it, according to Bloomberg.