Which contracts were concluded at the forum «Russia - Africa»

25 October 2019

Which contracts were concluded at the forum «Russia - Africa»

Published by: RBC

The first forum «Russia - Africa» takes place in Sochi. RBC made a review of the contracts concluded between Russian and Egyptian companies.

International trade

- VEB.RF, REC, Sberbank and Gemcorp Capital LLP signed a framework agreement on creation of the mechanism of financing of the trade between Russian and African countries at a value of $5 bln. It aims at creation of infrastructure for promotion of Russian export and providing of financing of supplies of Russian products to the African continent. It is planned to provide financial and consulting support to the projects of Russian exporters.

- EFKO Group and Egyptian company «United Oil» signed a letter of intent. They plan to create a joint venture to produce Fat&Oil products. Volume of investments into the venture in North Africa will amount to $300 mln. Production of vegetable oil and food ingredients will be oriented to the markets on South Europe, the Near East and North Africa. Besides, the parties plan to build a gain terminal in the Mediterranean to transship 2 mln tn of cargo per year.

Fuel & Energy Complex

- VEB, REC, Afreximbank and National petroleum company «Kongo» (SNPC) signed a memorandum on collaboration in the project on building of a pipeline in the Republic of Congo that will connect Pointe-Noire deep water port with the terminal Milwaukee and Intermediate terminal in Lutete. Its rated capacity will amount to 2,1 mln tn per year, operation period – over 40 years. Oil products will be supplied not only to the Republic of Congo but also to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic. It is planned to realize the project within three years.

- VEB.RF, REC and Morrocan company MYA Energy signed a memorandum on collaboration that includes opportunities of financing of building of oil refining plant in Morocco. Financing of the project will be realized according to the scheme of interbank lending. Representative of VEB.RF told RBC that total budget of the project can amount to €2 bln while initial stage of its realization - €500 mln. VEB.RF is ready to give to €425 mln.

- Russia and Ethiopia signed an intergovernmental agreement on collaboration to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes. Minister of innovations and technologies of Ethiopia Gethahun Mecuria Cuma told that the country wants to build a low-powered nuclear power plant over the next ten years (less than 400 MW with two 200 MW blocks).

- «Rosgeologia» and the Council of mining and hydrocarbon raw materials of Rwanda signed an agreement on conditions of technical collaboration. It includes works of «Rosgeologia» to create a laboratory complex. Besides, Russian geologists will conduct a study of the lake Kivu to identify hydrocarbon potential.

- «Rosgeologia» and the Ministry of mineral resources of South Sudan signed an agreement on collaboration in creation of the system of management of these resources including improvement of the land registry and inform-center.

- «Rosgeologia» and the province of Nile of the Republic of Sudan signed an agreement on intent. They plan to collaborate in the sector of systematization of the base of geological data of mineral potential of the region as well as geological monitoring of the environment and organization of control of minerals extraction. Also, the parties made arrangements to create a working group to estimate projects that can be of mutual interest.

- «Giprotsvetmet» JSC of «Rostech» corporation, African export-import bank (Afreximbank), «Vi holding» Group and REC signed an agreement on creation of intergovernmental platform to realize mining projects in Africa. Within the agreement, Afreximbank will organize financing of the projects and coordinate collaboration with African governments-partners, "Vi holding" will be a profile partner experienced in relevant projects of the continent, REC will support the participants of export activity, «Giprotsvetmet» will lend assistance in provision of engineering and support services for expertise and realization of projects.

- «Rosatom» and Rwanda signed an agreement on building of a center of nuclear science and technologies in the Republic. It is planned to produce there radioisotopes that will be applied to solve problems of the industry, agriculture and medicine. The center will have a research nuclear equipment with pressurized water reactors with the capacity to 10 MW.


- International Agency for Sovereign Development (IASD) signed agreements and became a consultant of the governments of Niger, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). To develop these countries the agency will invite over $2,5 bln of investments. All proceeds will go to the building of oil pipe-line in the Republic of Niger (with a length of 1300 km) and development of railways and transport infrastructure in Guinea and the DRC.


- The concern «Autonatica» from the corporation «Rostech» and Angolan mobile operator «Movicel» S.A. signed an agreement on protection of IT-infrastructure of the company. Russian specialists have already performed an audit of the operator – now found vulnerabilities will be eliminated.


- «Transmashholding» and Egyptian national railways signed an agreement on supply of 1300 passenger carriages valued at over €1 bln. First supplies will be in December. The agreement also includes assembly of carriages with Russian pieces on the territory of Hungary. «Hungarian Export-Import Bank» Plc assumed financing of the project.


- «Uralhim» and Grupo Opaia SA signed a memorandum on building of a carbamide plant in Angola valued at over $1 bln. The project also includes building of the port infrastructure. The Russian enterprise will be in charge of the all issues related to design and production technologies, Opaia – realization of fertilizers and their distribution throughout the national farms of the country.

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