Survey: half of Russian graduates dream about distance working

29 June 2020

Survey: half of Russian graduates dream about distance working

ANO Russia – land of opportunity and EFKO Group conducted a survey among students of Russian universities and figured out a dream job of graduates and whether thesis topic relates to their future specialty. Only 6% of students want to build a career abroad while every fifth dreams about being an entrepreneur.

Within the survey it has been found that many students (over 75%) this year will defend their theses remotely, 5% - in the format of «startup as thesis», others – in other formats. Almost 70% of respondents linked the topic of their theses with their future work.

About half (46%) of respondents note that they like chosen specialty, 40% of graduates like their future profession but they are not sure that they will build a career in the chosen sector. Herewith opinions on the dream work are different – many want to work in the government sector (25%), corporations (25%) or MSE (20%). Every fifth graduate of 2020 dreams about being an entrepreneur.

«An absolute majority (94%) of graduates noted that they are going to build a career in Russia. Over a half (59%) of interviewed want to work only in our country. About a third (35%) of graduates suppose that it is better to start a career in Russia and then after gaining of necessary experience they will choose according to the situation. Only 6% of the current graduates dream about career building abroad, - CEO of ANO Russia – land of opportunity Alexey Komissarov told. - According to the graduates of 2020, opportunity for promotion and development is the most important factor at the time of job selection. Salary is №2 in the list. A famous brand and a beautiful office turned out to be not so important for Russian students».

Among promising sectors students mention FoodTech (delivery services, new products), MedTech (medical technologies), AdTech (marketing and advertising technologies) and EdTech (distance education) while large plants and startups turned out to be no so popular for them – only 4% and 3% respectively want to work there.

«The survey shows that only 5% of graduates will defend thesis in the format of «startup as thesis» - it is more than in 2019 thanks to the popularization of startup-movement on behalf of the state and business, - Anna Nenakhova, director of innovations of EFKO Group, commented. – Foodtech as a sector for career development is very attractive for young people. To inspire interest of students to startups, together with ITMO university we launched a joint course within which we share expertise in innovation technologies promotion while students try to bring new products to market. In such a way EFKO Group prepares specialists-entrepreneurs who in the future will be able to join realization of innovation projects within the company».

Besides, within the survey it turned out that only a small part of Russian students are fluent in English (15%) and able to apply it in the work, other respondents are at the elementary or intermediate level.

Opinions on distance work among Russia students were divided – 40% prefer working in office, just over 55% - remotely but with an opportunity to visit office. Under 5% chose only home office.

The survey was conducted from May 15 to 30, 2020, among 2740 bachelor’s and master’s degree students from Russian universities including finalists and winners of «I am professional» Academic Olympics, «Profstazhirovka 2.0» project, «Upravlyai!» Cup, CASE-IN championship and other projects of the platform Russia – land of opportunity as well as participants of UMNIC-EFKO contest.

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