Second-year Voronezh students are invited to start their career

7 September 2020

Second-year Voronezh students are invited to start their career

Published by: RIA Voronezh

People are a key asset and the main competitive advantage of any company. It depends exactly on employees how the product will be while their professionalism and desire for development move any business forward. Especially, ambitious young specialists – they adapt quickly to new circumstances and use unusual solutions to get the result. EFKO food producer, known for «Sloboda» and Altero brands, invites second to four year students from Voronezh to take part in an experimental program of career development EFKOSTART.

The experiment involves a paid internship in the company within full-time education. It is a unique opportunity to start career in chosen specialty without any labor experience and wasting of time for non-core side-jobs. It will be possible to combine the program with studies and exams in university. It is supposed that interns in agreement with their mentors will be able to go to work for some hours on weekdays and on Saturday. For students it will be not also an experience of collaboration with a big company. Working hours will be paid. However, it is not the point.

- In our view, the main benefit for students is an opportunity to gain their own experience in a real sector of economy at a young age, - explain in EFKO. – It will help to overpass a far from reality idea of work and motivate to study more consciously especially in subjects directly related to the future work. For the most promising and responsible students participation in the project will resolve the issue with employment. Each of such interns will get a personal offer from our company as well as a program of guaranteed career growth. It means that by 22-23 years participants of EFKOSTART may become a well-trained specialists with an over market salary and a clear plan of their development for 5-10 year ahead. Such conditions will help them not only to support themselves but also plan their future, become a pillar of their families.

As a rule, students who do not have any opportunity to make first steps in the career under the wing of parents do not work in the specialty they have trained in – for example, in the sector of public catering and service agencies. It generates certain income and helps in formation of personality but doesn’t favor professional development. As a result, many students start to search for themselves in the profession with a diploma and become one of the many similar unexperienced «explorers» of the labor market.

In contrast, EFKO traditionally do not search for trained personnel. 95% of employees are grown in the company. A unique base of auteur educational and methodological materials of EFKO Scientific and Educational center «Biruch» is to help young specialists. It includes information in the sector of special profile knowledge as well as in management, marketing and psychology.

Students of Economics as well as Physics and Mathematics Faculties with abilities to economic modelling and desire to work in the sector of finance can join the project EFKOSTART.

The program begins from September and will be regular. It takes about 2 months involving up to 20 participants at the same time. To fill in the form for participation in the project, follow the link.

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