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20 August 2020, Russia – 15-16 August in EFKO Scientific and Educational center «Biruch» there was a big democratic getty Biruch.Run joining leaders of Russian running movement and simple racing fans. The weekend turned out to be rich in sport and taste impressions - the way the weekend of running and healthy food is supposed to be.
14 August 2020, Russia – 15-16 August EFKO Group organizes a big weekend of running and healthy food. The mass gathering event will be a democratic 5 km online race EFKOChallenge in which everybody can participate from any part of the world. The event center of the offline program – EFKO scientific and research center «Biruch» in Belgorod region.
10 August 2020, Moscow, Russia – «Sloboda» brand, produced by EFKO Group – one of the largest Russian food products makers, – became one of the top-10 best Russian brands of the international award Best Brands 2020.
4 August 2020, Russia – EFKO Group, a vertically integrated holding, one of the largest enterprises of Russian food industry, announced extension of «Sloboda» yogurts export geography.