17 December 2019

EFKO food ingredients enter European market

17 December 2019, Paris, France – EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU countries, for the first time represented a wide assortment of its food ingredients at the international exhibition «Natural Ingredients & Food Ingredients (Fi Europe & Ni 2019)» in Paris.

франция 02.jpgThe event joining this year over 1700 exponents from 150 countries traditionally became the largest one in Europe in food industry. Within the exhibition EFKO Group made participants familiar with its high quality Fat&Oil products, egg products and lecitins.

Specialists of the company for the first time represented to European producers assortment of its compaunds – complex food supplements based on dry fermented egg yolk – and toldabout advantages of their use.

«Egg products are one of those rare ingredients that can be present almost in each recipe – from first cource to dessert, - Alexander Golodnikov, chief of the direction «Compaunds» of EFKO Group, noted. – Their content is well balanced in terms of vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids – Omega-3, Omega-6. Producing egg products and lecitines we, first of all, get and improve things given by the nature by means of high-tech and skillful processing. Thanks to the innovative approach we manage to produce egg products of high quality for different segments of consumtion».

Acquaintance of European producers with EFKO Fat&Oil products became an important part of the exhibition. For the first time the company represented to Europe cacao butter equivalent «Equilad» - high-tech fats that have 100% compatibility with cacao butter and are able to replace it fully or partially in production of confectionaries and semi-finished products.

«EFKO cacao butter equivalents «Equilad» are produced in accordance with the leading international standards. They have already proven themselves in production of quality confectionaries in Russia and CIS countries. Each year EFKO increases the share of export of these premium products opening new horizons and today the company is ready to enter European market», - Alena Surkova, director of confectionary sector of EFKO Group’s Fat&Oil Division, emphasized.

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