31 January 2020

Products of EFKO Group received the highest awards at the international contest

31 January 2020, Moscow, Russia – Specialists of EFKO company, one of the largest oilseeds processors, represented within the XXV International specialized industrial and commercial exhibition «MVC: Grain-Compound feeds-Veterinary-2020» the last achievements in the sector of production of components for feeds for farm animals and poultry made with national GMO-free raw materials.

выставка5.JPGThe exhibition took place between 28 and 30 January in Moscow. Within the event there was an international contest «Innovations in compound feeds industry». EFKO Group represented two ingredients for compound feeds and receieved the highest awards:

- Grand Prix for heat-treated fodder soybean meal: high-protein enriched with lipids (55%), GOST P 53799-2010;

- Gold medal for heat-treated rapeseed meal, GOST 30257-95.

For several years, EFKO has already produced soybean meal including high-protein one made with GMO-free raw materials. In 2019 together with «Cherkizovo» Group it intiated a project on processing of high-protein soybean and produced quality meal enriched with lipids containing 55% of raw protein on dry basis.

«High-protein soybean meal (containing 48-49% of protein on actual moisture) is highly demanded especially by poultry breereds because productivity of poultry depends on quality of protein in compound feeds. Protein in feed is a key source of essential amino acids in diet of pigs and poultry», - Sergey Kudinov, process engineer of the Oil raw materials Division of EFKO Group, commented.

Products of rapeseed processing are alternative raw materials for well-balanced protein diet of cattle and other farm animals. EFKO specialists realized reconstruction of equipment and optimized the technology of rapeseed processing. As a result, on the base of the plant «Liboil» LLC in 2018 they receieved a product with high nutritious indicators able to compete with soybean meals of different producers (content of raw protein – 43-44%, fiber – 12-14%). Its advantage in contrast to the usual one is in high nutritional value due to the high amount of protein with reduced content of fiber at the same time that favours better digestibility of protein.

EFKO company, using modern technology of additional mechanic processing of rapeseed meal hull, produces high-protein fodder product that differs from the original one in protein and energetic nutritional value.

«Thanks to the mechanic fractioning and additional removal of significant part of hull in rapeseed meal content of raw protein, raw fat and phosphorus grows while level of raw fiber, raw ash and nitrogen-free extractable substances decreases, - Sergey Kudinov informs. – Concentration of essential amino acids significantly grows in final products, first of all, limiting ones: lysine, methionine and cysteine. Energy value grows as well. Such improvement of nutritional value permited include new protein product in the diet of milking cows, pigs and poultry partially replacing soybean meal».

EFKO Group’s specialists actively participated in the business program of the international forum. Within the conference «Innovative technologies of feeds production in cattle breeding» Sergey Kudinov in his report «Usage of protected fats in feeding of cattle» raised the problem of creation of well-balanced ratio of fatty acids in cow’s milk because every imbalance in fatty acids in content of consumed products influences badly on anumal and human health.

During all days of the exhibition participants could get acquainted with the components of combined feeds at EFKO stand: sunflower, soybean and rapeseed meals and oils, soybean hull, vegetable dry fat for cattle ULTRA FEED F. In particular, they were interested in information how to obtain a maximum effect from using of represented ingredients in feeding of cattle, pigs and poultry to increase their productivity. EFKO Group’s technologists together with colleagues from the commercial service shared their knowledge and experience with business partners who visited the stand of the company.

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