22 July 2020

EFKO Group will organize a democratic running challenge

22 July 2020, Russia – EFKO company continues a series of races EFKOChallenge. From 15 to 16 August racing fans anywhere in the world will be able to take part in a democratic 5-kilometre start.

For experienced runners this is an opportunity to feel a familiar sense of solidarity that distinguishes all running projects. For begginers or those who just thinking about beginning this is a perfest opportunity to do this with the support of experienced runners. Additional but not the main motivation for all participants will be valuable prizes.

EFKOChallenge5km race is not just about results and competitiveness but also about a victory over the laziness and procrastination. This is a story about transformation from «I can’t» to «I can and I’ll do it!» That’s why in contrast to the previous EFKOChallenge for a half-marathon distance this time will be 5 km – every beginner is able to prepare for it. In addition, there is a help for beginners – a special training program in the end of July – beginning of August from the partner of the project – S10.run and a powerful energetic support for all participants of the online race and big offline event, which details will be announced later.

«It is impossible to prepare for a half marathon in a month. But anyone can prepare for 5 km! – commented Executive Director of EFKO Group Sergey Ivanov. – After all, you can just work it on foot to health. This is not about prizes and medals; this is about an opportunity to compete with yourself honestly. In this context, we also invented more democratic reward system. Apart from winners, we will award those who take 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th places among men and women».

Any 5 km race registered in Strava app will be included in the scoring 15 or 16 August (MSK). For more information follow the project description (link).

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