14 August 2020

Running and healthy food weekend in Liman by EFKO

14 August 2020, Russia – 15-16 August EFKO Group organizes a big weekend of running and healthy food. The mass gathering event will be a democratic 5 km online race EFKOChallenge in which everybody can participate from any part of the world. The event center of the offline program – EFKO scientific and research center «Biruch» in Belgorod region.

«In «Biruch» there will be a «fighting» weekend, - commented executive director of EFKO Sergey Ivanov. – We organized a mind sports camp. Workshops, master classes, seminars, excursions. Even a flatparty – just the way we like it».

Key topics of the discussion – run in the right way, future healthy food, psycology of exercise tolerance in sport and life.

The climax of the offline-program will be a 5 km race within EFKOChallenge on Sunday, 16 August, that will start from the beach and EFKO ski complex at 9 a.m.

Among the leading speakers and, of course, participants of the race there will be owner of S10.run, author of the bestseller «Ne pro beg» Yuri Strophilov and coach, co-founder of running online school Rocketscienze Evgeny Pischalov – one of the most famous experts in running Russian-speaking party. From Moscow there will be world-class master of sports Olga Tarantinova, from Voronezh – one of the leaders of local running movements, triathlete and photographer Igor Matey as well as representatives of Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk – leaders of the democratic and fair rating S10.run.

The first EFKOChallenge was in June 2020 for a half distance marathon at 21,5 km. Then there were over 400 participants from Russia, CIS countries and Germany.

5 km distance aims to join racing fans regardless of qualification including those who just start training. Those who wanted to train for start step by step, could register on the platform S10.run and receive an individual monthly training plan.

So this weekend will show how was your summer. Official results of EFKOChallenge and the names of the winners will be published 18 August.

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