20 August 2020

Biruch.Run in Liman: to be continued

20 August 2020, Russia – 15-16 August in EFKO Scientific and Educational center «Biruch» there was a big democratic getty Biruch.Run joining leaders of Russian running movement and simple racing fans. The weekend turned out to be rich in sport and taste impressions - the way the weekend of running and healthy food is supposed to be.

The day the guests of the weekend arrived at Liman – like local people call «Biruch» - they tested the local running track and started their acquantance with EFKO from the excursion to the production of specialized fats and margarines in Alexeevka. Apart from the theory of production, racing fans tested spreads, pastry and sweets from EFKO corporate «Research institute of taste» - Center of applied reaserches. The guests not only tasted the products but also tried to distinguish which dishes were based on milk fat or low-caloric vegetable fats. Opinions were devided because all represented samples were made with the use of quality fats that predetermine taste of the product.

15 August, apart from training, the guests visited Innovation Center «Biruch» where EFKO scientists deal with studies in such sectors as genetics, virology, embryology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Participants of Biruch.Run visited laboratories and get acquainted with promising projects of the Center: cattle embryo transplantation, microbiological synthesis of enzymes and creation of pilot samples of plant-based meat.

растительная котлета лиман 1.jpgGuests of the camp were one of the first who tasted EFKO plant-based chops recreating the full flavor of home meat chops.

«Why are we working so hard at the taste? For us it is important not only to create a new product but also to «catch» its natural taste, - commented executive director of EFKO Group Sergey Ivanov at the workshop on selection and food of the future. – We want that our plant-based chops tasted like home ones from childhood. For this purpose, we even collected national recipes. And we already can say that we managed to «catch» this taste!»

An intense intellectual program of the camp included master-classes and workshops on selection and food of the future, tolerance in sport and life. Thanks to this, guests of Biruch.Run learnt about fact and fiction of vegetable milk fat substitutes, saw themselves how was the process of dry fractioning of tropical oils and how the history of ketchup favored consolidation of democratic freedom in the USA.

Sunday 5 km race organized together with the platform S10.run became a central event of the weekend. Democratic Biruch.Run joined professional sportsmen – international masters of sports – and marathoners, simple racing fans – people with completely different training level and social status. For some, a challenge was a personal best, for others – the fact of the track covering. Offline-race Biruch.Run became a part of the second big EFKOChallenge joining participants from 6 counties of the world.

забег-лиман-2.jpgYaroslav Stotozhenko, sales manager from Saint Petersburg, was the first to finish Biruch.Run. Olga Tarantinova, international master of sports in track and field, became a leader among women. Sergey Ivanov, executive director of EFKO Group, and Yury Strofilov, coorganizer of the race, improved their personal bests.

«To do your best is psycology. It will be difficult and then – even much more difficult. It depends on willpower charge. How much do you have and how much did you use, - Yury shared his impressions. – I moved to the new age group improving my personal best. Of course, the geography played its part. Biruch is a perfect place to settle your mind and restock a willpower charge. Comfortable, beautiful, creative, tasty!»

A sincere feedback from the guests of Liman, involvement into the project of the company’s employees inspired EFKO to organize Biruch.Run races regularly, develop cultural and sport programs of the camps. Keeping its momentum going, «Biruch» is going to establish itself as one of the centers of Russian running movement within the year. We hope that during this period thousand of runners from Russia and near-abroad countries will test our picturesque and comfortable track.

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