12 February 2014

EFKO Group helped out child welfare institutions in Smolensk region

February 12, 2014, Russia – EFKO Group - company producing well known “Sloboda” mayonnaise - helped out child welfare institutions of Smolensk region as a part of “Comfortable childhood” initiative. Earlier, the same initiative took place in Ryazan aiming to help large families. 


Carrying out a social-oriented business approach, EFKO Group pays the most of its attention to delivering regional charity projects. 

Thus, along with the Department of Education and Youth Policy, EFKO Group organized a charity project “Comfortable childhood”. 

This project aimed to transfer each ruble paid for a pack of “Sloboda” mayonnaise to the charity fund in terms of helping the educational child institutions of Smolensk region. Moreover, it made possible for other people to contribute to developing charity in our country and to help children by simply buying a pack of “Sloboda” mayonnaise. As the result, almost 170 000 rubles was raised and used for buying furniture for SOGRBOU “Gymnasium “Polyanka”, MBDOU DS KV №2 “Rossiyanochka”, MBDOU ZRR-DS №8 “Salut”, MBDOU DS 24 of Smolensk region. 

Earlier, the same project took place in the city of Ryazan. Raised money was given to large families as money certificates.

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