"Belogorsky class" under the patronage of the EFKO Group held Photocross "City of Belogorie"

27 May 2014

"Belogorsky class" under the patronage of the EFKO Group held Photocross "City of Belogorie"

27 May 2014, Alekseevka, Belgorod Region, Russia – PEI School "Belogorsky class" under the patronage of the EFKO Group, one of the largest food manufacturers in Russia, and the city administration held in Alekseevka first Photocross "City of Belogorie".

Безымянный_1.jpgLast week in Alekseevka on Victory Square near the monument to Daniil Bokarev – an ordinary Russian peasant who invented the world's first method of producing oil from sunflower seeds – was held the Photocross "City of Belogorie".

It was organized by the students of PEI School "Belogorsky class" with the support of the EFKO Group and the administration of Alekseevka.

Photocross is a competition that combines a photo contest and urban orienteering, which is open to amateur photographers of any skill level. The main criterion for the winners selection in this case are not so much the quality of photos, but a creative approach, out of the box thinking and the ability to make interesting pictures quickly.

The contest was attended by nearly 40 participants at age 12 to 17 years. The children had the opportunity to take the tasks as individually and as a team.

At the start, participants were given an envelope with the tasks which they had to perform within three hours. How do you see the spring city and your school? What is your city of childhood and how Alekseevka differs from other cities of Belgorod region and Russia? These are the questions the children had to find photoresponse.

Children made talented works, they made it with love, each of the participants had his own shooting angle, his vision of the world. But the idea of purity and beauty of his native land has run through all the pictures.

It's nice that there were photographs dedicated to the EFKO Group, not only as to the core region enterprises, but also as to one of the main city sights.

At the end of the contest the three teams with the highest number of points gained a gratitude and valuable presents by EFKO Group, the other participants received certificates of participation and souvenirs.

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