6 June 2014

LLC "EFKO-Seeds" acknowledged as the best insurer in 2013

June 6, 2014, Belgorod, Russia - "EFKO-Seeds" (part of EFKO Group) was declared the winner of the annual All-Russian contest "The best insurer on obligatory pension insurance" at the end of 2013 in the category of "Insured with the number of employees more than 100 people". The competition was organized by the Russian Pension Fund.

efko_diplom.jpgIn this year's in the competition "Best policyholder on obligatory pension insurance" participated 3.65 million employers of all the Russian Federation, paying insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance and compulsory health insurance. Of these, the regional competitive commission in 82 Departments of PF RF were identified 1 203 most socially responsible, of which in the Belgorod region in place of the leader competed 185 policyholders.

The criteria for selection were the timeliness and completeness of the insurance transfer, error-free presentation of necessary documents, wide coverage of workers' registration in the mandatory pension insurance system, the average salary in the company above the territorial subsistence level, and the lack of complaints about violations of the insured pension legislation of the Russian Federation.

LLC "EFKO-Seeds" is one of the largest manufacturer assets in the Fat&Oil market of Russian EFKO Group – was declared the winner of the All-Russian contest "The best insurer on obligatory pension insurance" following the results of 2013 in the category of "Insured with the number of employees more than 100 people". Representatives of the company were awarded with certificates signed by the Chairman of the Board Pension Fund Anton Drozdov and managing the Department of PF RF in the Belgorod region Dmitry Khudayev.

As a responsible employer, EFKO considers social-oriented approach to business as a strategic vector of its development, which is implemented through a transparent competent personnel policy, harmonization of relations with nature, charities and social investment in the region. It should be noted, that now in the Alekseevka is the highest domestic regional product per capita in the whole region, which, according to the governor of the Belgorod region Evgeniy Savchenko, is a credit to the successful development of the EFKO Group.

Receiving the "Best Insurer of the Year" status is another experts’ recognition of the significant contribution of EFKO Group enterprises in the formation of a favorable economic environment in Alekseevka district and Belgorod region as a whole.

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