20 June 2014

Expanded meeting of the working group on environment will be held at Taman

20 June 2014, Temryuk, Krasnodar krai, Russia – Expanded meeting of the working group on environmental issues "Environmental control" will be held at Taman at June 20, 2014 on a platform of LLC "Food Ingredients" (part of EFKO Group). The topic: "Economic development of the Taman seaport. Ecological view".

efko_port_taman.jpgThe meeting will be attended by representatives of the EFKO Group and the LLC "Food Ingredients", the leadership of the Temryuk district administration, the Taman rural settlement, as well as Russian national and local non-governmental organizations, "Green Patrol", Interregional Association of ecological safety, the R&D Organization "Filter", "North Caucasus Environmental watch", and his participation confirmed its coordinator – Andrey Rudomakha.

At the working group meeting is planned to discuss development of the Taman port as a point of economic growth, where strategic investment projects are implemented, not only Russian, but also of an international scale. Today, the Taman Peninsula is an area of dynamic development and sustainable economic growth, which leads to an increase in tax revenues to budgets of all levels and in creation of new workplaces. At the same time realized in the Taman sea port investment projects meet the best European standards, including in the field of ecology.

In this regard, it’s expected that participants will discuss issues of improving policies in the field of ecological safety of the Taman sea port, the experience of the measures implementation to protect water objects, the possibilities of the targeted programs creation and the preservation of the peninsula natural environment and the public participation in their implementation.

The discussion also touched on environmental education of young people in the region. Members of non-governmental organizations will be invited to the schools of Taman Peninsula the first environmental lessons together with the volunteers of the "New Horizons", which implements the LLC "Food Ingredients" in the South of Russia.

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